cubed.visualize(*arrays, filename='cubed', format=None, optimize_graph=True)#

Produce a visualization of the computation graph for multiple arrays.

  • arrays (cubed.CoreArray) – The arrays to include in the visualization.

  • filename (str) – The name of the file to write to disk. If the provided filename doesn’t include an extension, ‘.svg’ will be used by default.

  • format ({'png', 'pdf', 'dot', 'svg', 'jpeg', 'jpg'}, optional) – Format in which to write output file. Default is ‘svg’.

  • optimize_graph (bool, optional) – If True, the graph is optimized before rendering. Otherwise, the graph is displayed as is. Default is True.


An IPython SVG image if IPython can be imported (for rendering in a notebook), otherwise None.

Return type:

IPython.display.SVG, or None