After a busy couple of months I've finished the writing for "Hadoop: The Definitive Guide". It's now going through the production process at O'Reilly.

You can pre-order it on Amazon and O'Reilly. You can also get the Rough Cuts version from O'Reilly to read today, although it hasn't yet been refreshed with my latest draft (I hope that will happen in the next few days).

Here's the final chapter listing. Readers of earlier drafts will notice that the number of chapters has grown: this is because the elephantine MapReduce chapter has been split into three (chapters 6, 7, and 8) to make things more digestible.

  1. Meet Hadoop
  2. MapReduce
  3. The Hadoop Distributed Filesystem
  4. Hadoop I/O
  5. Developing a MapReduce Application
  6. How MapReduce Works
  7. MapReduce Types and Formats
  8. MapReduce Features
  9. Setting Up a Hadoop Cluster
  10. Administering Hadoop
  11. Pig
  12. HBase
  13. ZooKeeper
  14. Case Studies
The writing's done but I still have to package up the example code. I'll be doing this soon, and it will appear on the book's website.