Books read by Emilia White in 2019 | Datavision 2020

My daughter Emilia kept a record of all the books she read in 2019. She goes to sixth form college on the train, and has become a voracious reader partly as a result of all the commuting. She read 62 books overall in the year, of which 31 - exactly half - were fiction.

This visualization shows her reading progress over the year. Each book is represented as a rectangle; blue for fiction, and green for non-fiction. You can see which books she spent more time on, and which books were longer books (with more pages). Perhaps unsurprisingly she read fiction books at a faster rate on average than non-fiction.

Originally I planned on a simple line chart that showed the pages read over time. But there were several periods when she was reading multiple books at once (in early August, for example), so I had to break the line into multiple pieces, resulting in a discontinuous effect.

Since there is a lot of fine detail, it may be useful to look at a standalone version.

Visualization type: discontinuous line chart

Data source: data collected by Emilia White, CSV, 9.3 KB

Technical notes: generated using d3; code