Closest city, UK and Ireland | Datavision 2020

This Voronoi diagram shows the region that is closest to each city in the UK and Ireland.

Cities in the UK and Ireland are not defined by size, but are a ceremonial designation. Wikipedia has the details for the UK and Ireland. There are 69 cities in the UK and 5 in Ireland.

The map show rough spheres of influence of each city, or where the nearest city is for any location in the British Isles (as the crow flies - not taking roads into account, of course).

Hover on a point to see the name of the closest city.

Visualization type: Voronoi diagram

Data source: List of cities in the United Kingdom and City status in Ireland, 8 KB

Technical notes: generated using d3; UK map from Sam Leach; code

See also: U.S. Airports Voronoi