I give occasional technical talks on distributed computing and related topics at conferences and meetups.

  • Dask and Genomics, Dask Life Science Workshop, Dask Distributed Summit 2021, [slides] [video]
  • Single Cell. Big Data, Bristech 2019, Bristol, 7 November 2019, [slides] [video] [my blog post]
  • Spark For Scientists, MISP Research Camp, Copenhagen, 4 December 2017, [slides]
  • Practical Genomics with Apache Spark, Spark Summit Europe, Dublin, 26 October 2017, [slides]
  • Petascale Analytics in Genomics with Hadoop, Strata+Hadoop World, London, 2 June 2016, [slides]
  • Petascale Genomics, Voxxed Bristol, 25 February 2016, [slides]
  • Older talks can be found archived on Lanyrd.

Tom speaking

Photo taken by @esammer at Strata + Hadoop World, New York, October 2013.